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The latest in Churchill’s ongoing collaboration with HAE expert clinicians has been published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. “Current Medical Management of…

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The complicated pathology, chronicity, comprehensive care, and stakeholder diversity associated with rare diseases adds layers of complexity to a publications plan.  Churchill combines more than 20 years of publications experience with the analytical skills and hands-on clinical practice experience necessary to assure that clinical information needs are met across a diverse audience of providers, patients, and caregivers:


  • Global, local, and population-specific publication planning
  • Therapeutic gap analyses and publication assessments
  • Coordination of publication team activities


  • Abstracts, posters, manuscripts, and lecture material development
  • Investigator briefs, clinical study reports, presentations, and product monographs
  • Patient and caregiver educational materials


  • Expertise with corporate integrity agreements (CIAs) and their impact on sponsored medical publications
  • Certified Medical Publication Professionals (CMPP)
  • Preparation of good publication practice (GPP) policies